10 Highest Puts to Discuss with in India – Go back and forth Video

India is a gigantic and numerous vacation spot. Bordered by means of seven other nations, to not point out the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, implies that there are …


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  1. Western and world media shows india's rape capital but reality is that our Indian media like sensation news show much and India has so small rape crime as comparison to world our population is huge that's also reason, we overcome this situation soon

  2. I was in Maharashtra from 18 November to 2 December 2019. I travelled from Mumbai to Lonavala to Pune, Mahabaleshwar, Aurangabad, Shirdi , Nashik, and Saputara in Gujarat. Back to Mumbai. Crowded, congested , poverty, very poor roads the moment you leave the cities , rubbish every where, spitting everywhere, traffic rules not followed, slums, people without homes, school children walk to school barefooted, smelly coastline in Mumbai, smog very high, dusty. India let the slums residents to hoist Pakistan flags. This will not happen in any other country in the world.

  3. I wouldn’t go to any of these places. They are crowded and touristy. I don’t like crowds and noise plus these are the usual suspects. There are so many serene and fantastic areas like the Konarak Sun temple, Brihadeeswara temple, Udupi temple, Tirupati, Sikkim monasteries, Assam’s Ahom temples, Gaya (Buddhists’ Mecca), Jaisalmer forts, Mangalore coffee estates, Pondicherry French quarter plus Aurobindo Ashram, Badrinath/Kedarnath, Kevadiya’s world’s largest statue, Gulmarg ski resort/cable car ride, Cruise on River Ganga, Tawang monastery, Kashmir saffron parks and Tulip gardens, Delhi’s Humayun Tomb and Akshardham, Madhya Pradesh’s Tiger reserves, Hampi ruins, Dholera Indus Valley Civilization excavations, Ladakh’s Pangong lake, Goa’s churches, Cochin’s Jew Town, Kanyakumari’s Vivekananda Rock memorial, Northeast Hornbill festival, Mysore Maharajah’s palace and many more. The locations shown here are so stereotypical tourist places of India and are not that enjoyable due to massive crowds. Plus, There are spectacular museums in several Indian cities capturing thousands of years of Indian heritage.

  4. Just, yeah, just the opinion of a person that lives in Europe about India. (100% honest)
    I see it as a dirty country
    Too much crowded
    It looks pretty cute and interesting

  5. Whats this:
    Taj Mahal "built by AN emperor"? What's the name of that emperor? It's just been a few centuries "AN" emperor build it. It will be better if you mention the name of the emperor whose architecture is now attracting a millions of tourists to YOUR country.

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