AA.com On-line Take a look at-in


10 thoughts on “AA.com On-line Take a look at-in”

  1. Please add a video demo of self checking.  Especially the screens.  So older adults that aren't computer savvy can get accustomed to using the terminals and menus.  Something like a how to.

  2. If anyone wants to go anywhere just go on youtube and type airways online then there will be a video by Prashant Bhat just go on the video and in the description there is the link to the website.

  3. isnt it a bad idea to check in so long before your flight? I feel like you should hold off and check in like 2 hours before your flight at the airport rather than 24 hours before cause if I was a betting man…I would imagine its more a sure thing the guy who checked in at 2 hours before his flight is actually at the airport and the other guy who checked in from home 24 hours earlier might not be.

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