American Airways Industry Elegance 777 Flight Assessment

My first ever overview of a US provider – the American Airways 777-300er that includes the AA flagship industry elegance product. This flight overview used to be filmed on AA080 …


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  1. @dennisBunnik Sorry to disappoint, but you did "not* start your trip in "Dallas". In fact, you were nearly 22.5 miles (32.9km) from the city of Dallas. Actually, the nearest city is Irving, TX. However, since Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) airport has it's own post office and police force, natives simply refer to it as DFW airport. It sit precisely on the Dallas and Tarrant County lines. I don't blame you since even the new "owners" of American Airlines (formally from Tempe, AZ) can't seem to refer to their largest hub correctly either…, it's a common mistake that us native who do know cringe under our breaths saying.. "you're NOT in Dallas!". So, for the record, you begin your trip at D/FW airport.

  2. I just viewed and commented upon your British Airways review. I indicated my preference for AA♥️. I agree, it is, comparatively, a better choice within the One World Alliance. For your best price on American Airlines, search by “price and schedule,” on (I don’t work for the airline, I’m just a happy ???? passenger.)

  3. Thanks for the video. I shall be on the AA 777 flight PHX-LHR in just over a week, so it was good to have a thorough review of the equipment and service beforehand.

    Will bring along my BA jammies…………………

  4. my wife and I took that same flight a year later in June 2018 from DFW to LHR in economy class. The seats were so tight and crammed. I couldn't sleep at all. There was more room on our return flight from Munich to Philadelphia on an American A330. Great job with these videos!

  5. I feel like I wouldn't want to sit in one of these reverse herring bone design seats because of the cramped space for your feet. I'm guessing also this was filmed long before sam chui's AA flight. He got PJ's in his flight I believe

  6. Great review as usual. Passengers however should know that AA still has 14 767 that fly international. While these are old but super reliable planes, they have no personal entertainment screens in Economy class which means the entire plane watches movies together old school style. I flew back from Spain last week on an AA 767 and was shocked to see such an old system. The flight attendant said the crew complains but AA is indifferent to it. At the very least they should warn passengers when they book about the lack of entertainment options. In 2019 this is unacceptable and I will not fly AA economy again.

  7. Comparing US airlines to the national prestige operations of middle east airlines isn't fair. the middle east airlines are not legitimate for-profit businesses as American airlines are.

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