American Airways ECONOMY CLASS Los Angeles to New York|Airbus A321T

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  1. Such a shame that they offer no hot meals on such a long flight and a five star airline like Vistara offers hot meals even on a 2 hour flight with an option of veg and non veg…I guess western airlines have a long way to catch up with the Asian Five star standards

  2. @5:00? That isn't really a "long" taxi to the runway. From Terminal 4 to runway 25Left. Quite normal, it's the shortest route. PLUS they used taxiway J, a few hundred feet from the actual end of the runway… because construction. (BTW, I'm a retired pilot and I know LAX very well. A "long" taxi would be from Terminl 4 over to runway 24Left!). Fun fact: @7:44, that peninsula you see. Palos Verdes, that's where I live now.

    Here's something fun for aviation buffs who aren't pilots: Type American 292 and click 'Track' There won't be historical info for YOUR flight from over a year ago, but you can see typical routings. While you are there you can scroll down and see lots of info: Including A/C type and filed Flight Plan route. Scroll back up and click where LAX is highlighted in blue. Takes you to another page where you can look for a tab on top 'MAP & DIAGRAM'. Take a look at the airport diagram…think of it as a "map". Have fun!

  3. I love that plane, but the seats in Economy are not comfortable and the legroom is lackluster (but not as bad as United's 757). If I can I get Main Cabin Extra seats. I need room to move my legs. Why was there a ground hold?

  4. You have to pay for food?! I have only ever flown in Emirate but I am thinking of American Airline to hopefully apply to be an air hostess on her because I have duel nationality English and American but what the hell?!

  5. Considering all the different options between Los Angeles or San Francisco and New York, I would say it’s tight competition. Sadly as someone in Jersey though stuck with a grossly outdated economy product in United, who really needs to update the planes on the route. Then again there’s still Virgin America / Alaska from Newark.

  6. In my opinion that did look like a comfortable flight… I really enjoyed my Economy flight from LAX to Honolulu 5 hour flight and I didn’t have pay for my Ginger Ale or Cheese Platter, same one you had. I’ll sugn you up on IG; safe travels!

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