American Airways jet makes emergency touchdown

The aircraft, en path to LaGuardia Airport, landed safely again at Boston’s Logan Airport after hitting a flock of ducks in a while after takeoff. WATCH THE FULL …


39 thoughts on “American Airways jet makes emergency touchdown”

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  2. I’m starting a protest.
    Geese keep putting people at risk.
    They are causing many very bad Emergency Landings.
    How about we kill all the geese. This way we won’t be putting people at risk. Just kill all the birds.
    We need to kill the birds.

  3. Bet those birds don't have the guts to try that again.

    Disclaimer: that joke is not mine, it's old, and I don't know the author. No guarantees expressed or implied. Limited liability company. Thank you.

    Oops. Also, no warranties expressed or implied herein or hereto. Thank you.

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