American Airways passenger movies argument with price ticket agent

An American Airways passenger taped a heated argument with the price ticket agent after lacking their flight, claiming the airline handled them like ‘animals.


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  1. if you're late, if you don't hear your name paged, if you expect an entire aircraft to wait for you despite thousands of dollars of cost to the airline PER MINUTE, it is entirely your fault. Don't go blaming staff for your own mistakes

  2. That's why American airlines are considered the worst companies in the whole world. Also have the lowest and worst consumer ratings in the whole world. All worldwide flying companies combined together don't have half of the complains that American airlines have. That has to tell you something. ????????????

  3. Nothing works well in America. Police, courts, prisons, hotels, airlines , president, politicians . It’s a good country for rich people. Others just working like slave for rich people to get richer

  4. The moral of this story is…no matter how long you have been there, be at the gate for the boarding process. If they were there for 3 hours, they undoubtedly moved several times, even went to the bathroom. But be at the gate when your name is called.

  5. He is one of the NICEST AA agents in Miami and everyone can tell he did his job right and how professional he is acting right there! You can’t show up at the airplane door last minute, doesn’t matter if you are at the airport already you must board when it is the time to do so.

  6. If they were business or first class AA would probably of sent a rep walking around with a megaphone and a name board to locate them before they close the gate. Moral of the story is, get to the boarding gate on time. Most airlines won't let you board once the gate or aircraft hatch is closed

  7. This is why the Machinists Union (which represents these gate agents) fought so hard to add increased protections for agents who are attacked while at work. The security and safety of the flying public is better protected if these women and men are given the authority to deny boarding to unstable or deranged persons trying to board an aircraft.

  8. Ok imma be flying out of Ronald Reagan DCA and i was wondering how do i get my ticket and boarding pass do i get them when i check in or do i go to the gate and get them from the ticket agent someone give me some advice

  9. Lot of hate in the comments but as of today I was told it’s “not their policy” to call your name anymore. I sat at my gate from 5am to 0630am and upon trying to board the final boarding group they told me the flight was oversold and they sold my seat. I asked why I wasn’t paged about this despite being at the gate the entire time and they said it was my fault for not following up my online check in with a physical check in at the gate. No compensation was offered or given, and I have now been stuck at DFW for 2 days. American Airlines really will treat you like an animal if you fly economy.

  10. This happened to me before. I stood in the lounge and showed up to the gate late despite arriving 2 hrs early to the airport. I didn’t blame the airlines! I blamed myself for not keeping track of time and for my seat being given away. Live and learn I did not make a big show out of it or lay blame on the airline. Luckily had to wait 2hrs for the next flight out.

  11. That's why i travel alone. It's so easy to accommodate me. I am not fussy. These people are traveling with 8 people? LOL..what is this..the Brady Bunch?
    Oh wait…im thinking of the movie "Home Alone".

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