The usa's Worst Twist of fate | Aircraft Crashes After TakeOff in Chicago | American Airways 191 | 4K

In finding out why this McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed instantly after takeoff from Chicago O’Hare, making this coincidence Americas’s worst air crisis.


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  2. No mention in this video as to exactly why the plane crashed.
    The losing of the engine would not have been that big of a deal had the slats been locked out mechanically instead of just by hydraulic pressure.
    The engine tore though hydraulic lines and the slats on the left wing retracted, resulting in a large increase in stall speed and the stalling of the left wing.

  3. No one from the comments below was actually there to witness this. Just more trolls trying to get likes so they feel like they did something worth living for in their own boring, miserable, virgin lives.

  4. I just always think about the passengers in the planes. Just sitting there waiting to reach their destination not knowing they never will…. not knowing it’s their last few minutes in this world before their life is snatched in such a horrific way. ???????? This world is cruel sometimes.

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  6. My grandfather told me when he was coming back from Brazil in the '70s or so, he was set to fly on a DC-10, but the flight attendant found that one of the emergency doors WAS NOT LOCKING. She tried locking it 3 TIMES! but finally, she got it locked by barricading it shut + using the defective lock. I'm lucky to have my grandfather alive today!

  7. Boeing aircraft – or so I was told, during a blue-print-reading class I took while working there – were designed to 'drop' their engines when they had issues. The term used was 'fail gracefully'. The engine thrust + weight was taken by a (roughly) 2 inch thick "sheer pin." I recall seeing a few of these pins in-process during the early 90's…

  8. Although the wire was cut, so the pilots wasn’t warned when the left engine detached…uhhh, when they heard the loud BANG…start braking….I’ll rather over shoot the runway than falling from the sky

  9. My grandpa was working right by there when it happened. He told me he didn't hear anything, because he worked in a basement level. But, there was a commotion outside, so when he went out, he found out a plane had just crashed at the airport. I can't believe what that must've been like.

  10. In 1979 hundreds of innocent people died for no reason, because some people in American Airlines wanted to cut costs
    It's now 2019, hundreds more needlessly lost their lives flying the 737 max, because Boeing wanted to cut costs.

    Seems like there is an issue of moral insufficiency in America if greed keeps claiming lives like this over and over again.

  11. Read how a family missed flight 191:

    In 1979, Marwa Atik’s grandfather made the decision to leave his home in Syria and start a new life in the United States. He settled in California and his wife and seven children were to follow on a future flight. Their American Airlines Flight #191 reservations included a stop in New York, followed by a connecting flight to Chicago before finally arriving at their final destination in California. After landing in New York, immigrants first had to apply for a green card before their next destination. Hala, a young thirteen-year-old and one of the seven children, had recently put on the hijab. When it came time for her photo, officials asked her to remove it, but she refused. Immigration officers persistently informed her that she would not be allowed to move to America or continue to their next flight until she took this photo. Hala was unfaltering and insisted on her right to wear the hijab.
    By now, Hala’s mother became impatient. Having flown half-way across the globe and spending close to their life savings on these tickets, she did not want to miss the next flight to California. She pleaded with her daughter to comply with the officers, but Hala held fast. The officials brought in their superiors and insisted that if she did not remove her hijab for the photo she would not be allowed into the U.S. and her family would be sent back to Syria. After three brutal hours of interrogation with numerous officers, and with a young lady who refused to compromise, the officials finally relented and allowed her to keep her hijab on for the photo. However, by then it was too late. The family had missed their connecting flight. They ended up having to purchase new plane tickets and stay overnight in New York. Dismayed and furious, Hala’s mother lectured her young daughter into the evening and for the whole flight to California.
    By the time they arrived in Los Angeles, Hala’s father greeted and embraced them all with tears. It was then that the family learned that the original flight they were supposed to be on had crashed, and all 271 on board perished.

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