Boeing 737 Crashes After Touchdown | Racing the Typhoon | American Airways Flight 331

In finding out why this American Airways Boeing 737 crashed after overrunning the runway in an try to land all through a hurricane in Kingston, Jamaica. Take a look at my …


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  1. Are you guys ready for the next generation of "Air Crash Investigation" videos? A brand new episode is coming this Friday. Stay tuned! By the way, I hope you appreciated this "extra" Tuesday episode.
    Thanks for watching! ❤

  2. Next time the plane refuses to stop, chain an anchor onto the fuselage close enough to the captain so he can just open a window and toss it overboard. They could even tattoo a picture of Popeye onto the nose of the plane!!

  3. I've watched several of these crashes where split-second thinking is required to just execute a go-around before it is too late. Our pilots perform what we call touch and goes in the Air Force for these particular instances. I understand the civilian sector has their hand tied a little more with landing deadlines and money at stake, but this type of training is worth situations like these. Glad everyone survived this one.

  4. It looks to me like this channel would be better training than anything else. I think ALL pilots should be required to watch EVERY SINGLE video on this channel and be required to pass a test afterwards regarding what looks like a hundred different things that can wrong from before takeoff to after landing. I don't even ride on planes but Ive had no problem watching ALL of them. I've been glued to this channel during every free moment of every day for 3 straight days already and could explain more about airplanes and reasons for crashing than I would have ever thought possible. It has also confirmed what I already knew, that I will never step foot on another airplane again for as long as I live. Statistics Bolistics At least in a vehicle I have ONE OUNCE of control over the outcome and know for a fact my car will not crash into the sea at 350 mph leaving zero chance of survival. I had to fly a short hour and a half flight from B'ham Al to Dallas Tx back in 1991. I had a nerve pill prescription from my doctor, drank vodka and grapefruit juice from take off till landing and I bet my fingerprints are still embedded in the armrest today from constant squeezing in between gulps and pill popping 28 years later.

  5. A friend, now deceased, who was a design engineer for Boeing, explained why aircraft break apart where they do and why they don't bend and crumple instead of ripping into discrete sections. I wish that I understood it better.

  6. Is there some kind of pilot culture to not do a go around when a landing doesn’t go as expected? Or are they afraid of getting fired if they do too many go arounds?

    I’m not a pilot, but if I was, bouncing an airliner, even on a dry runway, would make me ram the throttles to max power immediately! Bouncing a Cessna is one thing, a huge airliner is something else!

    Better to bring the passengers down late than never…

  7. I'm just going to wait for all of the EAEs(Elite Aviation Enthusiasts) to arrive and explain to all of us uneducated plebs how the 737 is just a HORRIFIC plane and no one should fly it. (Because, LOOK, ANOTHER ONE CRASHED!!!!!). -.-
    Excellent work, by the way. 😉

  8. I love this channel and consider myself less than a novice compared to most. But this is the second time a pilot bounced his plane on landing further down the runway than where he should be. Please tell me what prevents him from going balls to the wall and going around? It seems in doing so he could then be headed into the wind. I'm happy all survived this one, but a fairly young plane was totaled. Keith L.

  9. I always heave a big sigh of relief when the wheels touch down on the runway. I guess I should keep holding my breath until the plane actually come to a complete safe stop before heaving that sigh.

  10. .. my apologies in advance for being critical .. why did the pilots not exercise common horse sense and land on runway 30, given strong wind from 330 ?? .. runway 30 was available and there was no emergency to dictate the runway 12 approach .. blaming AA for lack of tailwind landing training is not responsible .. my humble view is to never land with a tailwind unless critical to do so, and with then only after proper mental and technical data preparation, for which this crew had ample time .. glad there were no fatalities .. oc

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