BRUTALLY HONEST assessment of American Airways DOMESTIC FIRST CLASS at the Boeing 737-800!



28 thoughts on “BRUTALLY HONEST assessment of American Airways DOMESTIC FIRST CLASS at the Boeing 737-800!”

  1. Is the hot towel, pre-meal snack and other exceed expectations happened because on this plane the business and the first class is not separated? You'll fly your longer leg on first class, but here AA won't bother separating the business from the first class, so everyone gets hot towel, pre-meal snack, etc?

  2. I flew American Airlines Twice in the last week on economy . 1) LAX-Charlotte A321-200 and 2) CLT – Nashville BNA Boeing 737 in economy. On both flights there were no meals served On neither did I find outlets nor television screens and I must’ve lucked out with the planes I flew on. I am flying them one last time from Nashville – LAX on a 737 and I will ask to upgrade. By the way , on both of these flights I asked to upgrade and the first one was full , but the second 1 hour flight they wanted me to pay 200$ .

    Also on the second flight I asked to be switched to an earlier flight and they said I had to pay 75$ per person ALTHOUGH I was booked in a Full Price ticket. God damn it American. The problem with Airlines in America is they’ll find ANY WAY to tell you NO

    However, I paid for the Admirals club access in Charlotte and it was pretty nice, the food on offer was high quality but it does annoy me when airlines offer hot meals for a high price !

  3. You have really low expectations haha, you have to keep in mind that a flight from one coast to the other coast of the USA takes 4/5 hours, Whereas most European countries can be flown thrown within an hour.

    Our domestic flights especially AA has been on point. Well worth paying the premium with the better seat, service and amenities. That’s why I’m AA Plat.

  4. Hallo David, wiedermal richtig gut gelungen! Manche mögen sicher kein allzu langes intro, aber ich finde es soo wichtig, Ziele bzw Erwartungen zu setzen, um dann direkt vergleichen zu können. Ihr macht das richtig, richtig gut! Weiter so, we keep watching and wish u all the best! Mathias and fam from Jena, Deutschland

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