BRUTALLY HONEST overview of American Airways EIGHT HOUR home flight in ECONOMY

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24 thoughts on “BRUTALLY HONEST overview of American Airways EIGHT HOUR home flight in ECONOMY”

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  2. They aren't any better on Trans-atlantic, 6h30 from JFK to LHR, one hot meal, one beverage service and a pre-landing snack. After the hot meal no service at all until 1h before landing. BA was MUCH better on the same route even though the flight was a while longer.

  3. I really can’t understand, why American has such a bad reputation.
    Flew with them twice in January last year. One flight going from LHR to DFW and the second one from DFW to MIA. And to be “brutally honest” I really enjoyed flying with them!
    On the Flight across the pond they used a very modern 777-300ER, I had plenty of legroom in economy, the Variety of content of the IFE was outstanding with most of the international Blockbuster were also available in multiple languages like German, French or even Chinese, they served ample of food (one hot meal, one pre landing snack, Icecream and salty snacks in between). But what impressed me the most, was the excellent crew. Never met a crew that was so hilarious and kind and obviously happy with their job…
    The other flight into MIA was alike.. it was a Boeing 757 Service, so the seats were those old fashioned couch seats which were more than comfortable! The crew again was very kind and polite. There was a food service on board and even though I overslept the food service, once one of the Flight Attentats noticed I woke up, she approached me with one of the sandwiches they served previously…
    So for me, unlike e.g. Iberia on the return flight, American was a very decent flight experience with nothing to complain of.

  4. At least they did multiple beverage services. But like a lot of people have stated, it's pathetic how on a lot of flights to Hawaii, the meal service is either lacking or totally bad while you get a full meal service on Chinese airlines (can confirm)

  5. Nice video but stop with the adds already! Ridiculous! American coach snacks like this one are horrible!!!! Airlines too cheap to provide meals that were free back in the 80’s and before.

  6. It's really quite easy to handicap what will happen on a flight by the history and current labor relations situation on a carrier. American has always been among the most contentious in this regard. They don't care about the back of the plane or their employees.

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