Celebrating 80 Years of Flight Attendants at American Airways

We just lately celebrated the 80th anniversary of flight attendants at American Airways. We are very pleased with our historical past of carrier and stay up for proceeding …


26 thoughts on “Celebrating 80 Years of Flight Attendants at American Airways”

  1. I dont fly American airlines the comedy show during required safety orientation of the aircraft is unprofessional and if they treat it as a joke you can garuntee that there treating there pre flight and post flight checks with the same lack of seriousness. After hearing the comedy show and looking out at the engine cowling with the wrong rivets used for a patch job that clearly was a big fat red x for a flight status I wont set foot on one of there planes. I actually liked the other cowling better since they obviously did the same repair but didnt evan bother putting that section back on

  2. I graduated from American Airlines training in June 2001 and flew for two months before the tragic events of 9/11 and furload I was hoping to be in a career position one day but my dream was ruined in it instant I'm glad to see everyone is still happy I miss that job everyday I cry often thinking about it it was such a wonderful 2 months even if it was such a short time but my American family

  3. Is it possible the person like me who are not american and not from USA be flight attendant in American Airlines ?. I have passion to serve and give the best service to the guest. i love people's, share the smile and give the best of the best. as you know be fligh attendant in Asia especially in Indonesia. you need to have perfect body, perfect skin, perfect look…, and very hard to me to reach the requirments. be flight attendant is my dream since child and…. i feel i have knowledge to do but i dont have a body like supermodel to be flight attendant. can you makes my dream comes true to be flight attendant even for one day only ? it will be the best day in my life if you giving me a chance to do it. Thank You American Airlines ????

  4. Hi American Airlines Happy Holidays to all of you I hope you guys enjoyed with your family and friends. Last month I did a video interview I am interested in joining American Airlines, and I want to know how long do I have to wait after the video interview I am looking forward in working with you guys. 🙂

  5. My cousin, Juanita Carmichael,  was a flight attendant with AA. She started in 1944. She retired in  2000 with 56 years of service.   She was the oldest seniority for many years and held the Guinness Book of World Records title as the oldest flight attendant. As a kid, I loved hearing her stories about her many trips around the world. I salute all the AA flight attendants. Good people.

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