Fail to remember the overhead bin if you happen to fly "fundamental financial system"

American Airways will get started providing “fundamental financial system” tickets this month. The transfer follows a identical announcement through United Airways. Passengers who purchase the …


35 thoughts on “Fail to remember the overhead bin if you happen to fly "fundamental financial system"”

  1. It’s great if you’re flying solo, doing a quick trip, and aren’t bringing bags. In those circumstances, who cares if you’re last on board or where you sit. You’re getting a steal.

    If you’re flying with others, bringing bags, or taking a long-haul flight, DO NOT BUY BASIC SEATS.

  2. As a retired pilot I can say that spirit is the worse airline in the sky here in America, I am waiting for them to charge you for every sheet of toilet paper you use. They have to be related to Ryan Air.

  3. Airlines companies are clever it used to be that everyone had to check in their bag then they started letting people put their bags in the overhead bins. Then they realized oh we don't need as many ground crew AKA Fleet Service employees to load the bags so they cut back on Fleet Service employees. Then once they had the public hooked on putting their bags in the overhead Ben they decided to charge you for it aren't they clever.

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