Ladies in Cebu Town | Philippines Shuttle Vlog – Day 1

DISCLAIMER: Prostitution exists anywhere people exist. It’s not a Filipino drawback, it isn’t a western drawback, and individually it isn’t an issue in any respect.


46 thoughts on “Ladies in Cebu Town | Philippines Shuttle Vlog – Day 1”

  1. Please dont generalized women in cebu that are like these.
    I randomly watch this kind of vlogs today because there was a foreigner who ask me a direction of one of the place here in cebu and Eventually he asked my number or if I can have coffee with him sometimes. I refused the offer because even he was young and handsome I think he is just randomly picking up girls and have sex or I thought he was a youtuber i never knew but it was scary experience

  2. Of all places in the world for this wealthy young man to travel… Cebu City and then surprise, on to Thailand. Nasty impoverished cities where most of the women are for sale. No shame for these young men.

  3. Go to North side of Cebu try danao city the city of guns it's a 1hr travel time if not traffic vhire at sm. U can see how they make guns the old way then from there u can cross to the other island ,camotes island ????????????..

  4. This is really stupid doing in my town, if somebody knows that theres some few girls do this thing! Sure, they have to arrested! its happened this around the globe, mostly in Thailand too is worse! they dont work of any opportunity as simple and proper! I can request all of guys , who visited in Cebu! donnot tolerated this kind of consequences! They dont supposed to do that, please foreigner go to the proper shop for massage therapy!!! Donnot accepted this people offer in the streets!! I heard about laundry, please write down the clothes (list) before you send in laundry , let them sign and your signature too! Just incase!!! Happy Holiday!!

  5. Wow. Just stumbled into this vlog so many interesting points here. first, Those girls that approached you particularly in Ayala Mall are "professional hunter" ;). you know what I mean. I usually see same faces near seattle's Best and Bo's coffee.
    hotels nearby Ayala Area are pretty pricey for what you get. good deal will near Osmena blvd. area like Uncle Tom's Cabin or Pillows etc. Shocks! This motivates me to make a Cebu travel video as a local traveller. 🙂

  6. Red Planet Thats where We stayed in January There is some historical places in Cebu City House Of Lechon is a good restaurant right around the corner Check out Northern Cebu Tops,Botanical gardens,etc Carbon Market is in the City if You like bad smells- lol

  7. I thought i have subscribed to almost every vlogger already till i stumbled upon your channel. New subscriber here! Lol in ayala a lady asking if you want "massage" well this doesnt only happen in cebu but in other places too. There's actually a lot of fun places you can go to without some girls asking you if you want a massage. The next time you visit my family and i could show you around.

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