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46 thoughts on “GIRLS TRIP!!! | CORON, PHILIPPINES”

  1. Getting stung by a jellyfish is no fun. Had to get steroid shots and was on antibiotics for weeks. The burn marks turned black eventually and the scars cleared up after a year or so… anywho I’m binge watching all your vlogs lol love them and all the places you travel.

  2. Nice video! I haven’t gone back to the Philippines in years! I remember when I was a kid it was so much fun! Ughh I know how it feels to get stung by a jelly fish I think the sting was worse than getting stung by a bee!

  3. I enjoyed this video so much! I am originally from Philippines and going to Coron soon. You girls are so cool and open minded. And the pineapple on the pizza girl yes ????

  4. Welcome to the Philippines ladies. Thank you for visiting my country. We want everyone to feel welcome here. I'm happy that more people of color are visiting my country, not just white people. As an Asian (Filipino) traveler, representation and visibility is so important. Enjoy! xx

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