Hot Filipina girls – Meet Gorgeous Philippines Women today

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Filipina lady – billy crawford feat.

Filipina lady — billy crawford feat.

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  1. Great advice and video..I've had great dates in Manila…may I add to Malls, banks, restaurants and bars and Parks…also chat to girls at the airports and Cafe's. You will see the beautiful ones you want whilst you were there…
    You will be surprised who will come into your life. Philippines is a great opportunity to also learn about many qualities about yourself. I personally was humbled by how happy and smiling the kids there were. Those kids are wonderful and often have very little in the way of material possessions

  2. he is right about meeting all these girls.. it is that easy.. BUT, as he mentioned , these girls are working and they work from 10 to 12 hrs a day 6days a week.. good luck on them finding the time to be with you .. especially, if they have kids , which most of these working girls do.. dont get me wrong.. i love Philippinas, but its never that easy…

  3. my first trip there years ago when i arrived in Manila had the chance of taking the girl on immigration out for date,only there few hours,could not take her up on date as was on my way to cebu,even a blind man could date pretty girl there, even thought its easier then Europe or the states never treated any girls in phil any differently than anywhere else,always treat a lady like a lady no matter where you are.

  4. Do you have to be a Anglo, don't take this the wrong way I have many good friends who are Anglo. I like all types of people as long as they are not asses. I myself am a American of Mexican decent. I am as honest, hard working and loyal and have no time for games.
    To be blunt what do you think my chances are ? and what part of the country should I go to ? Thanks David L. Oh by the way I liked your video and subscribed to you channel.

  5. If you are a black dude, you'll have to a little bit more work. It's kind of sad that the Philippines don't like (sometimes hate) dark skin. I was born and raised in pinas (half black) so I know I few things about the country.

  6. meet someone who's educated and professional and not a professional gold digger.
    I have a foreigner friend who got victimized by a pretty Filipina. Time came when he decided to meet in real , that Filipina didn't show up to fetch him from the airport. He decided to contact me and we're able to trace the whereabouts of his gf. My doubts were then clearly answered. That pretty Filipina didn't appear at the airport because she was pregnant from another man. Whoa! and she was living in Pasay slum area. My goodness. So be careful guys.

  7. Great video! Online dating in general sometimes unfairly gets a bad wrap, but most people don't realize that over 40% of new relationships world-wide are started ONLINE! There are a lot of good paid sites, and a few great free ones if you know where to look. For those who are more interested in Asian singles, the best truly free site we've found is Filipino4U There are also some good paid sites like Match or eHarmony if you are willing to pay monthly fees.

  8. so really just about anywhere! & how many times a day do they get this strange foreigner walking up to them! Must get pretty annoying for some! And how many times do they go with him! So not much difference to the bar garls!

  9. Avoid dating sites like the plague. My experience was when I met a Filipina online she didn't ask for money so I believed her intentions to be genuine.
    That changed immediately when I arrived in Manila she wanted to bring her entire family including uncles, auntie's their kids
    38 people total to an expensive restaurant in Makati. I politely explained to her that she was insane and it would be just the 2 of us for dinner. The next day in the shopping mall she wanted a gold necklace 40000 peso for not taking her family out to dinner and when I told her no she had a meltdown. After that I told security at the hotel not to let her in.
    It's so easy to meet Filipina women in person, just be friendly and respectful and avoid dating sites

  10. Great place is SM malls, they are already drug, blood tested. And also they hire only single girls with no kids. Great quality women there.. also good places are the small stalls. Buy them some treats and drop to them.. they really appreciate it and will give their number.

  11. Filipinas are not different from western, or african women….
    Would a 20yo western woman would marry a 50yo hobo? So this is the same for for filipinas….
    A very few would marry an old guy for love…then wonder why.
    If both are honest to each other, then that s fine, if one pretends, it s often the case, then the other one will fall hard from his/her cloud.

    I don t know why people think because they have different look, culture, etc they are inside different…maybe they still think they are like the natives Colombus found in America, giving themselves freely to the strangers…While pedophile priests are in all news in USA, a new cause of archbishops covering pedophile priests just exploded in France, there are many cases of pedophile priests in Philippines…you should understand people are the same, with the same qualities, same defaults, same sins…i dont mean induvidually.

    If you want to have better chance to find a sincere filipina, find one close to your age. If not, there a huge chance her 1st purpose is not love.
    And close your ears to those poor excuses, pinoys are like this, like that, unfaithful, blablabla, i m french, i am not french woman hater, i don t prejudice them in any way, i just have a preference for asian women, and always had.

  12. GIRLS???? You mean women? Dude,im filipina and this is shows some men’s fucking standards. You dont go to a mall and prey for a date! Wtf! I guess you cant apply that back in the states eh? Smh!

  13. Meeting girls is real easy in the Philippines. Getting rid of them is MUCH MORE of a challenge. Regardless if they work or not, they will need your money. Remember when you dump these girls, you're also firing them and cutting off a large chunk of their income. This causes SERIOUS PROBLEMS! Best to give them a $everance package on their way out the door. Leaving them empty handed and destitute is DANGEROUS. You're opening yourself up to false alligations. The PI is a dangerous and corrupt 3rd world country. Every girl I dated there, when I left her I gave her a wad of ca$h, amounting to 500 pesos/day for short under 2 week hookups, 300/day for under 1 month hookups. If you date them over 3 months, pay them 5000/month for every month you were with them as severance when you dump them. Its expensive but will keep you out of jail. You DO NOT want a pissed off ex to accuse you of rape/ domestic abuse. Philippines' jails ARE NOT FUN PLACES TO LIVE!!!

  14. when i was there, the taxi drivers have lists of girls, he will ask, girl for sex, or a girl for a keeper, and i met lots at stores, and there churches, and just on the streets, when they spot an american, they will stare at you ! and keep staring ! it was so easy ! im 62 yrs old man, in my motel i met some, way easier there then in usa, but if you bring a pretty one to usa, every man will hit on them, and in about 5 years or so, they will wonder away from you, and they will get a richer man in usa, thats the problem !

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