How To Time Shuttle | Nationwide Geographic

Past due for college? A gathering? Simply take a wormhole — you’ll be able to be there ahead of you understand it. ➡ Subscribe: #NationalGeographic …


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  1. When i get so sad and get sick and tired of my reality i seek for supernatural occurence like this..make me not think of my problems anymore and makes me think i am just a dot in this universe and more big things are going on, my problems are nothing.

  2. Girl: By any chance do you know? kyouma.

    Boy: I don't think so, no.

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    But not a single person had a clue what he'd done, not that he cared.

    What's recognition to a mad scientist people went on laughing at him, and he just continued rambling?

    Boy: Poor guy, how sad.

    Girl: Sad? You don't think it's a little romantic?…

  3. This videos title kinda seems flawed because whatever we do (until we move with a speed of light) time passes through us and hence right now as you read this comment time is passing through you but you don’t feel it

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