I used to be SURPRISED through American Airways!

It was once my first time flying American Airways lengthy haul World flight! I flew on American Airways Flagship B777-300/ER from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.


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  1. Now I've finally flown the big 3 US carriers (Delta, United and American) international. I must say i am very impressed by all 3 carriers making huge improvement in terms of hard and soft products on their International flights (domestic still a different game and story), they've all came a long way. I was very used to the Asian and Middle Eastern standard but I really think the US carriers are capable of delivering great flight experiences. There are still lot of rooms to improve as always. I will try to do a comparison video in the near future based on my experience.

  2. Pay 70 HK $$'s get on board….lazy like me. At least you are honest. Too bad you have to pay to ride those carts in HK. In the states it's free as far as I know. All you have to do is flag someone down offer a tip and hitch a ride to where you want to go.
    Too bad AA crew didn't want to be filmed it would do wonders for an airline that's taken a few PR hits over the years.

  3. Sam, for the price, AA business class or any American airlines, are horrible. Compared with airlines from middle east and far east, these airlines are crap!!!! These airlines are surviving because of US regulations- protecting them.

  4. That ticks me off when they try saying, "There is an FAA rule." The FAA doesn't care if you film or not. I heard it with a weird guy who kept visiting his wife in coach on a United flight. They tried saying, "It is an FAA rule." and I asked my cousin who works for the FAA. He said he hears of such things like you heard about filming, or the weird guy who was visiting his wife in coach all year that aren't true.

  5. I enjoy all your reviews and glad to see you do one on AA business class, I recommend you try AA first from London to Miami as sometime. I'd be interested to see your thoughts and also the Flagship fist class dinning experience in Miami.
    Thanks for all your videos and reviews, becuase of them, I now try different airlines fist classes to enjoy the different experiences.

  6. Horrible colours in the airplane. Like going to a funeral. It is lack of respect for the passengers. Typical American, i.e. only being interested in the net profit per share. American culture has to change because it does not take good care of its citizens, it only takes good care of its millionaires. This chicken will be coming home to roost.

  7. We chose to spend our hard earn on AA business class because of this video review, and it was a mistake. However, we still enjoy your video reviews and will continue to do so.

    My wife and I just took AA business class round trip from Tokyo, and this video is not in anyway represents our experiences with AA. LAX AA check-in counter was rude, and flight attendant was also rude to my wife on our return flight. On the way back from Tokyo, when it's time to make our dinner selection, my wife chose to have fish on the menu. The flight attendant said, they ran out and she told my wife that she should have reserved meal prior to flight on AA website. If my wife prefers to have protein dish, then she could bring her something from economy class with protein. I decided to step in and asked flight attendant, what's the purpose of having physical menu and asking us what we want for dinner if we were supposed to make our choices before our flights. I have been denied of my choices by other airlines many times in the past, but they would all start with "please wait for a moment as I have to check because we might have run out of your selection", and they all would try before telling me that I have to settle for something else. This courtesy applies to all types of classes in other airlines I traveled with. Anyway, I told her that this is my first business class flight with AA and it would be my last. That flight attendant later came back and said to my wife "somebody just gave up fish dish for you". Anyway, her supervisor later came to me and apologized. Her supervisor told me that there are still plenty of fish dishes from her isle since only 2 passengers chose it.

    Best to treat AA like bus going forward, only fly with AA if their ticket is the cheapest available and expect nothing. Watching this review and experiencing it for ourselves is like watching Kickstarter video campaign. What you receive can be very different than what campaign video suggested.

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