If shuttle influencers have been HONEST

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41 thoughts on “If shuttle influencers have been HONEST”

  1. Too often if not always you will see travel agencies indeed try to make it look better then the reality is or change perspectives to suit their needs. Which is to trap people in their bs. Yes, of course a beautiful lady 'guiding' the camera trough the shots can be nice. But in reality that doesn't say anything about the vacation destination, it just says a woman showing her assets off on camera to get payed. In the end you will get disappointed as these vacations are often scripted and you are held nearby so you won't see the bad things or things that may cause problems. Like for example getting ripped off or getting so tired of traveling that you likely won't see as much as you intended to do. I haven't seen a single "travel influencer" that actually showed the real deal, but all of them showed what they thought would be best for their channel and video.

  2. I don’t get that this is a parody, it is to me a well made travel blog with a Very beautiful girl, even more beautiful and healthy body, and with a touch of humor. I think this clip deserves a spot on it’s own with no apologies, the comments on the industries are enough.

  3. Oh my!!! How much I actually enjoyed that video…Sure, it looks amazing and the way you speak is really nice in the meaning of a bit sarcasm here and there. Something like that our community needs more often and I don't know why, but it works out sooo sooo soooo well!

    It is great to get the chance to explore, show beautiful content, but it's important to show the other side, too. Because it is gawd damn difficult to do such a video and create content, edit, travel, being super tired, but push yourself even further to only finish a vlog or epic travel video.

    Yes, it is so much work in your videos, and I am sure a lot of people are actually not seeing it, because they don't know how it works. Hours of hours of editing, going through the material, getting ideas how to do it and so on.

    Found you yesterday by accident and just subscribed, bell is ring ring on and thank you for sharing!

    PS: Maybe see you soon back in Japan. ♥

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