Within American Airways Latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Check out the most recent Boeing 787 Dreamliner added to American Airways fleet. Home windows that darken, greater raise on compartments, and trade magnificence …


39 thoughts on “Within American Airways Latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner”

  1. The future of aviation. That is…until Maoists in the West make air travel illegal. Then,all planes will be made in China and everywhere but in Western countries the skies will be full of planes…because the Chinese don't tale orders from "capitalist running dogs".

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  3. Very disappointing. Same plane as 30 years ago just a better mousetrap. Let's build something more futuristic with sky windows in the ceiling chairs the swivel to face people with tables in the middle of the seats drop down screens real wide bodies, just to name a few ideas. Boeing is so old and boring like sears at the mall.

  4. Big deal … NOT ONE. Carrier in the US can be matched by over the pond Carriers… they are all beyond times by 20 years .. and in-Flight service is a joke ! Just look on YouTube the type of service your get on the others , even trains in Europe have better onboard service and don’t even get me started on Etigad, Qatar and Emiraites

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