Instagram Q&A | American Airways Announcement!!!!! | Flight Attendant Existence

American Airways is HIRING Flight Attendants Place Trainee Flight Attendant APPLY HERE: …


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  1. Hi Stella! Looooove your videos and it has helped me with my decision so much! You mentioned you applied after a sabbatical and I find myself in a similar situation. How did you mention or addressed the sabbatical situation when you had your interview? I would be so grateful for your advice. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hi stella .. im from uk and i would love to apply for a usa role…d o you know what the recruitment process is like for someone from the uk? and also would american airlines help sponser visa if offered position?

  3. Stella, you are an amazing person, love how you take a negative experience and make it a positive forward step, also, love your attitude. Thanks for all the great experiences that share and that amazing positive, motivating personality. ????

  4. I Flew American Airlines from Heathrow to JFK then a connection to
    Orlando December 23 2018. The flight attendants were unprofessional,
    uniterested, vacant, rude and all Chewing Gum At Work !!! . The
    seating on the inital fligh a Boing 777 was far too cramped and the
    interior was not clean. This is a far cry from the standards I am used
    to with other airlines.

  5. You are so adorable! I love your videos! I just heard what you said about your husband and him being a Tasmanian devil! The socks made me laugh out loud my husband of 20 years does the same thing ROFL! I will be starting my training the beginning of this year. I'm so excited! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Big hugs! And best of luck to you and your family! Maybe I'll see you in the skies! 🙂

  6. hi stella.i
    i seen ur eyes today first time 28.09.2018.ilove u stella i m kamal from india.i m govt.emp at health dep in punjab state.i m married .i have two child .son name is jatin.and daughter name is khushi.thats my i see ur eyes and ur smile first time in utube on ur vedeo.i love u so much.will u lmake me on vedeo call..i m waiting ur response on my gmail.

  7. Hi I'm new in your channel and love it!!
    I have a few questions that I would love you to anwers and help me bc I would like to be flight attendant .. (ans sorry if you have already answer them before..Im new and Ive never watched any of your videos yet)
    -Minimum height?
    -How many time do you have in layovers?
    -The hotels where you sleep during layovers are in the downtown or are airport hotels?
    Thanks in advance

  8. So I have a weird question I bought a basic eco ticket and it a late fight and I was wondering if american airlines allowed people to bring a blanket , and neck-pillow or does that count has a personal item

  9. I just discovered your channel this wkend????
    Can u make another Q&A when u hit 100k subbies?? Plz????Maybe more personal& less FA questions (y'all ask the same questions on every video on the comment section????) Stella tends to answer a lot of them on her vlogs and I 've been watching her for 5 days now.

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