Is Time Commute, Particularly Into the Previous Conceivable? | Matt Szydagis | TEDxSchenectady

Matt describes the potential of time shuttle via our wisdom of physics, what the restrictions are (a minimum of recently) and what generation would possibly let us …


33 thoughts on “Is Time Commute, Particularly Into the Previous Conceivable? | Matt Szydagis | TEDxSchenectady”

  1. Have you scientists ever take in account for the earths gravitational pull and the way the world spins the speed calculate that and the stars alignment and then went to slow the earths gravity and speed line the star chart you just can’t leave that out if you want more let me no ok oh and how the body decayed the seed

  2. Girl: By any chance do you know? kyouma.

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    He's a mad scientist crazy as they come

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    Talked about taking over the world inventing time travel blah blah no one ever believed him.

    But he did actually stumble onto one of the greatest discoveries of mankind,

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  3. What if there is no real future or past. Hear me out, if you're reading this comment now, it feels like you're in this moment. Similarly, tomorrow when you eat lunch, it will feel like you are in that moment. So, it's always just the present. Why can't we travel from moment to moment just like we can travel to places by walking or by car?

  4. Time travel to the future on the other hand isn't practical without implying that the future is predestined meaning since the future has not yet happend so there would be no where to go or the future has already happened with would mean it's actually by definition of already existing the past so if we say the future is definitive and not built from random out comes then the only way to get to that future would be to go into the past


  5. OK well theoretically let's say the closer to earth's core the faster time moves proven by Einstein in the atomic clock experiment if we agree on that fact then let's Ponder the tale of a man born at sea level living thirty years at sea level then moving somewhere that is 1300 miles above sea level by doing that alone the man will have mathematically traveled back wards in time by moving to an area of the earth that is factually existing in a slower time than the man has ever been exposed to .even if only by 0.00000000001 of a second


  6. Imagine the universe like an egg, to go forward into time is say at the speed of light before you get there on a magnetic lift where you fall into the gravitational wave, not pushed but glide into the future to get there. Well to go into the past you must go faster then light speed to circle around the membrane of the universe where time has come to a stop, allowing for you to manouvre your ship at any vector of time in that past you want to go to, then go to that past, at a faster rate to that point of destination. You need to go faster in time, then going into the future in order to reverse the time and go back into the past. Quantum points or doorways duplicates each other simultaneously at once, they are like a doorway, the door way is that paradox. What you do in there either good or bad may open up another universe for you to experience, leaving the one you just left uneffected, because without the original timeline, paradoxical timelines could not exist. One needs to be the host or clones of itself in various forms could not exist. In this case the original timeline must be the one, that host first hopped out of. The more you duplicate universe's that you open up, the weaker the original universe becomes, because that universal soul can only be split so many times before the Lords of time brings you back and restores the time line. Makes Doctor Who kind trippier now to watch, being a time lied and all. The lords and ladies of Karma are Gods Angels who are the keepers of time, the all seeing eye of God. They can not make a mistake, that's impossible.

  7. Mans greatest failer is in thinking that you need a machine to do anything, when the mind is far more powerful than anything he could ever create, if it wasnt how could he make advancements?

  8. The truth, It is and it isn't. You can time travel to the past but not the future. Reason, You have already made your past so it is possible to go back in time but your future isn't there, nothing is there. Also, going back in time, you can only go where you been see who you already seen. Can't go places you never been to or can't see anyone you haven't seen.

  9. It's called the twin paradox because according to relativity when one twin stays on earth and the other travels in a fast space ship, both twins will think they are the older one. This isn't true, though.

  10. If time travel was possible it would have already been found. Reasoning for this is:

    Someone discovers time travel
    Said person uses time travel to come back in time
    person recreates time travel device/method in current times/past.

    But then if this was to happen, the man who originally discovered time travel would, in theory, never would have discovered time travel due to him recreating it in the past. Unless we are on multiple timelines and not just one.

  11. heres a puzzling one for you, do our minds operate outside of time? As in is the state of our minds tied to time, or does it run on an internal clock. In ai, when you do a swarm, it is best to use a single global clock with verification on each of the swarm components. For instance, regardless of when, if a single second passes, the radiation the earth receives increase in sources, but increases in distance to source too, which means the rate at which our sensory organs run, changes. If you were to throw a person into a different ambient radiation, who knows what could happen.

  12. here's the problem, if you think of time as a blockchain, each second could not exist without the second before it, time travel is possible, but the effect would be interesting, because it could create a new branch, at which point who knows what protocol kicks in, or the moment you arrive there, you are in the state you were in that point in time, as in per singular proton, electron, neutrons, that was inside the time machine. In english, either you create a new timeline, or you shatter into atoms and get dispersed to wherever those atoms would have been in that time. Dont get me wrong, atleast simulating space in the past is possible, provided we figure out an equation for it that hashes out into the state of the universe at x time. The problem with time travel is, unless you swap perfect quantities (everything inside the machine is neutral and has the same atomic mass as the material in the machine on the other side), at which point if you use a swap, you can technically exist outside and within the system, at which point you might have to deal with quantum entanglement with your original matter in the timeline. So its really a case of we can question all we want, but its not something we can confirm for certain, until we have a simulator that maps the universe from origin and match up with our universe, which is either brain-dead easy, or beyond complicated.

  13. If I could time travel, I would go back to June 2019 so I can spend more time with my mom, she passed away less than a month ago and while I saw her a lot of times, we never spent quality time together, not unless we go shopping. I wish I can just go back and show her how much she means to me and thank her for being the best mom taking care of me.

  14. If time travel were possible then there would be time travelers going to everywhere in history since the beginning of time, and people in the past and future would already know time travel exists. Time travelers from the far future can come to our time right now and tell us about it, and then fast forward to where time travel technology is normal and everyone does it. At that point the concept of time will be irrelevant because we can all just jump around the timeline. No matter when time travel was invented, as long as it IS invented then time travelers can access any time including right now and people now and everyone in the past would already know that time travel Is possible. So either time travel is top secret and time travelers have always hidden themselves, or it has never been possible and will never be possible.

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