Extra main points on American Airways' flight attendant's war of words with passengers

The conflict started when a passenger used to be sporting a collapsed stroller down the aircraft’s aisle.


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  1. Hey I have a great Idea ! make the planes bigger, just like first class, so people are not in jail cells when they travel, that is what makes people get crazy when your all jammed together on an air plane, tempers seem to flare..you are in a straight jacket when you travel.

  2. He didn't randomly threaten he stood up because this attendant kept treating her poorly and spewing his anger. He diverted the jerks attention to him to put himself between her and the jerk.

  3. The extra passenger who jumped up clearly says "You do that to me and I will Etc." His remarks had nothing to do with what he claims he was doing, that is defending against another incident with the other passenger. He was not advising the flight attendants not to do a second time whatever he had done to that woman. Rather, he made a clear threat against the flight attendant. He should have been arrested and charged. One would hope that there is legislation in place that would have allowed authorities viewing this particular clip and hearing his words to track him down and jail him pending trial

  4. Just because she is a celebrity, the stewards have to put up with alot of STUPID PEOPLE and im not defending what was done .but People have lost respect for each other and for themselves, its all about me,me,me , the first person you hurt with anger is yourself! Read this somwhere today and as for me it rang a bell we need to step back and breath ,life is short ,the world seems opside down and there is ugliness everywhere. We have free will. The changes we need to make for our own best life is in ourselfs and doing the thing.

  5. I know someone on this flight. It wasn’t the way it sounds here. The flight attendant was respectful, the crying woman was putting on a show and the other passenger didn’t see the whole thing so he didn’t know what really happened.

    If you watch the full video and think that woman is for real…well, I feel sorry for you. She is throwing a phony tantrum. Drama queen for sure.

  6. I see this happened a couple of years ago and I hope that passenger did not get charged. The flight attendant was so aggressive and from what I saw he threatened the passenger first because he spoke up in defense of the poor woman. Trust the Union to try to turn it on him. The passenger replied to his threat. I am very against passengers abusing flight crew but this was not one of those cases. More the other way round.

  7. That Union is so full of shit and they're digging their own grave that flight attendant was out of line you don't act aggressive like that when there's a little baby being held by a woman you don't need to talk to people like that. if I were there I would have threatened to knock his teeth down his throat and I'm a chick

  8. The Union ? Fucking hack so the flight attendant should be arrest for grabbing someone else's property out of there hand! Union clown boy that wrote the statement should know that the attendant assaulted the women first and the gentleman defended her! So actually the flight attendant should be arrested!

  9. This flight attendant should be fired. It is the F/A's job to assist passengers like her! This flight attendant gives the 21,000 AA flight attendants a bad name when most of them would never behave so disgracefully!

  10. Only a coward stands by while someone is verbally abusing that female passenger! The Captain should have immediately stepped in and defused the situation. As a former female F/A I would have never let this situation escalate. Despite limited airplane storage, we always found a place to accommodate a single mother simply doing the best she could. It’s called empathy!! The way it was handled delayed the fligh, stressed out the mother and made the rest of the passengers uncomfortable. Shame on all of you…No excuse!

  11. Passengers aren't allowed to threatened each other or the flight crew, so it would have been in order if the male passenger had been removed from the plane, but that flight attendant was being a real prick, and I would have loved it if the man would have punched his lights out. Not only did the attendant act like a punk ripping that mother's stroller away from her and nearly hitting her baby, but he also issues angrily shakes his finger at the man and tells him to stay out if the matter, and taunts him to hit him when he makes a threat to do so. This attendant is a shitbag punk who should never be working in public service again. Who the hell do these airline unions think they are?

  12. Planes need to install camera's so incidents can be properly investigated, this is getting ridiculous, passengers thinking they can do whatever they want, and staff thinking they can treat passengers however they see fit, for some reason it seems that no one has the ability to compromise anymore

  13. That fat, bald man would never have done that to a white American woman. He felt very comfortable doing that to someone from Argentina. With TRUMP as our President he thought American Air would back him, he thought wrong.

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