places to visit in north india guide now 2020! travel guide!

places to visit in north india in north india – best 10 puts to go to in north india | asia.
best 10 perfect puts to go to in north india 2020.

perfect puts to go to in north india. on this video we’re appearing all of the well-known spiritual and maximum visited vacationer puts to go to in north india together with all of its states….

10 perfect puts to go to in india – trip video.

eight puts in india to go to in december.
perfect puts to go to in march in india – 20 must-visit march delights..
best 10 puts in india you’ll be able to go to in december 2020.


39 thoughts on “places to visit in north india guide now 2020! travel guide!”

  1. I don't know why the reaction to this vlog is so negative…
    Guys, this is not a negative video. People are referring to my "bad experiences" and "bad impression"… I am not sure where this is coming from. I think that this is one of my most positive videos! Just to be clear, I loved everything that you saw in this video.

    For people saying I should have shown other sides of Delhi and luxury malls… I just showed what I saw. Livio and I arrived in Delhi exhausted from literally DAYS of flying and layovers and traveling. We decided to just walk around the city together without making an itinerary, especially because we would be coming back to Delhi at the end. That is literally all that this video is. I think it's a clear testament to how fascinating India is that I can create such a vibrant video without going very far or going to any touristy sites!

    To the people saying I should have gone to luxurious places and high end shopping, I am not personally interested in that. I do not like shopping, and I honestly find luxury malls boring. Of course, there could be exceptions, but that is not what I would personally go to, so I didn't.

    Some people criticized me for taking a rickshaw, as there are more luxurious ways to travel, and other people criticized me for taking an Uber, saying it's not genuine culture. Guys, I just took whatever mode of transportation I wanted to take at the time.

    People are upset about the hotel… I clearly said, this is not meant to portray all hotels in India, it's just a funny bit of footage. I actually went from a 5 star hotel in Connaught Place (the Connaught Royale, it was great) for $150/night straight to the $6/night hotel. That was on purpose! Normally I stay at mid-range places, but this was a test of sorts on India prices.
    The thing is, this is an HONEST, real travel vlog. Showing the good and the bad (even though, I don't see anything bad here except for the hotel, which was just funny). This is what I saw and what I did. I didn't have an agenda here, I was literally just walking around the area.

  2. Seems like a propaganda video. Intentionally visited the most chaotic part of India, Old Delhi and all Pakistanis commenting on this video. Thankfully YouTube is full of beautiful videos from our country.

  3. Looks like you chose bad areas to show. If you rent a place in Red area known for legal prostitution and illegal drugs then of course you will have such experiences. India has millions of beautiful site, one of the oldest civilization. You will find India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China, all in India. Go and visit Himalayas, Forts, Palaces, Farms, big Temples, Mosques, Deserts. You will find similar horrible places in London, NY, Chicago, name any city.

  4. See you need to understand India …. sadly you have shown only negative part ….. u went there where tourist generally doesn't go …. sad about hotel room ….plz tell the prize also u paid for the hotel room …….. india has far far better room than this shit ……..

  5. 3 Responses to the most popular negative comments-

    1. Consider yourself lucky that you were born in a well off country. 
    -You have no idea what it's like being born in India and living life as a common Indian man. You don't know their daily struggle. Don't judge from your high horse. What would you do if you were born right there in the heart of Old Delhi? Think from a different perspective! 
    Do you know that rickshaw driver could have crying hungry kids waiting for him to put food on their table? Have respect for people!

    2. India is filthy-? When human lives are at stake, cleaning up the streets is the last thing on your mind. Do you know how much struggle India had to go through to get to this stage you see on the video? India is still catching up. India is nowhere near the level of development and organisation of western societies and cities. Don't compare India to a first world country.

    3. Rape- How do you think women are living their day to day lives for thousands of centuries? Every society has its own moral code and standards. Try to understand the moral and religious standards of India before passing on your judgement. India is quite behind on women's rights by worlds standards but did you know how much women's rights in India has improved in the past 100 years? Did you know the practice of self-immolation for the widow existed just a couple of years ago?
    Tips: Travel like a normal Indian girl. Wear Indian dresses and act like Indian This is how you blend in. Understand morality from an Indian perspective.

    I am not even Indian but from the neighbouring country Nepal. Nepal and other South Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka also share similar problems where everyone is collectively trying to get out of and progress have been made.
    Progress has been made. Just enjoy India for what it is now and respect peoples cultures and traditions. You will have a good time and life long memories.

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