The American Airways Fleet

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40 thoughts on “The American Airways Fleet”

  1. I hope AA phases out the A330-200 soon. All of them that American operates are pretty old and it shows, especially their premium cabins they desperately need an upgrade and most of them fly to Europe, notably Spain and Germany, while the European carriers and other American carriers upgrade to A350's quicker than AA seems to be upgrading their long haul fleet they're in danger of looking obsolete. Already they don't appeal to me because I know their planes will pretty dated even though I fly American for pretty much everything else.

  2. I’m gonna miss the md80s they hold a special place in my heart my dad was a mechanic on them and he passed when I was young and it was also the first plane that I got to sit in the cockpit of

  3. The entire American Airlines fleet includes:
    1. Airbus A321
    2. Airbus A319
    3. Airbus A320
    4. Boeing 737-800 ER
    5. Mcdonner Dougles MD-80
    6. Embraer ERJ 190
    7. Embraer ERJ 170
    8. Embraer ERJ 175
    9. Embraer ERJ 145
    10. Embraer ERJ 140
    11. Bombardier CRJ 700
    12. Bombardier CRJ 900
    13. Bombardier CRJ 200
    14. Digi Gabi DHC 8-100 and 300

    I can’t find my earlier comment. I would’ve added to that otherwise.

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  5. They're actually A321neos, not the A320neo. That said, I'll be doing a "circle trip" on AA next month: DFW-PHL on a 757, PHL-MIA on a 767, overnight in Miami, then 777-300ER MIA-LAX on Flagship Business capped off with an LAX-DFW run on a 787-9. I will say the 787-8s are incredible, especially in First/Business, as I got to fly them on a DFW-ORD-DFW round trip in March. I only got to fly an MD-83 once on DFW-SAT (return flight was on a 737-800) earlier this year, mainly because I wanted to snag a ride on a Mad Dog before AA retired them. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with AA, they have quite a diverse fleet.

  6. The U.S. does not have a flag carrier. They don’t get government subsidies with direct payments. It’s simply a U.S. Carrier no different than United or Delta. Mid East Countries have flag carriers so does the U.K with BA.

  7. You stated that AA is the "Flag Carrier" of the US. I thought that term is usually used to describe former state owned/monopoly airlines which AA is not. American has never been owned by the government and was not even the largest airline company in the US (by fleet size), until after it's merger with US Airways a few years ago.

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