The NEW American Airways at Los Angeles Global Airport

only a small clip to exhibit the NEW American Airways. I commit this video to all my American Airways enthusiasts and to American Airways!


39 thoughts on “The NEW American Airways at Los Angeles Global Airport”

  1. Almost four years later and my view of this livery has evolved. Mostly because it's hard to let go of something you've known for a while, but I've managed to appreciate this livery more now; the silver paint without the stripes makes the fuselage look more "pure", while the "holographic" tail is certainly pleasing to look at /up close/ (doesn't have the same effect far away). The only mistake was getting rid of the double-A logo. Should've kept it and made the titles "AAmerican" stretch across the fuselage, colored or just the same gray would've worked.

    Still, the old-livery is still my favorite over the new one, although I like the new one better on 738s.

  2. I'm still trying to get used to the new livery. I like the "flight symbol"; I would like to see a shinier or more silver colored background and I still think the tail is a little much.

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