The Fact about Travelling India… (no longer what you suppose)

Is India too scorching? Too unhealthy? Too crowded? Let’s take a more in-depth glance…. ▻ Apply on Instagram: ▻ Give a boost to my movies: …


23 thoughts on “The Fact about Travelling India… (no longer what you suppose)”

  1. I request foreigners not to stay at Paharganj at Delhi or at old Delhi areas as these are very worst place in delhi.old delhi areas are will get all thieves,illeterate and slum ppl over there.please don't visit even if you are foreigners and even in group also just because of less price hotel accommodation.better you should visit south Delhi areas where you can get good accommodation and a foreigner you should be very careful while visiting to rajasthan,delhi,utttar Pradesh, madhya pradesh,Haryana, Bihar etc northern states especially.dial to 100 number from your phone to police if you fall in trouble.please avoid to meet and mingle with strangers.south indian states are safer for foreigners.its always better to avoid staying at old delhi areas.uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and kashmir,Ladakh in north india,north eastern states,south Indian states,west part of indian states are better place to visit for foreigners.if you are traveling at Delhi then please use metro train for easy transportation.instead of cannaught place(CP) it's always better to visit Khan market or south Delhi areas.

  2. Bro india is full of diversity come to himachal Pradesh , gujrat, uttrakhand Chandigarh these are really most beautiful places and u will also notice the diversity.
    And yes talk to people u will feel safe and also travel with indian people instead of travelling solo u will not face price or any other safety issue????

  3. What you have experienced as a foreign tourist, is also a common experience for native Indians. Too much planning is not recommended for travelers. Planning with flexibility is always the norm. As suggested in many comments, eating street food is not recommended. Videos are not allowed in many places. Think what chaos you can see in a country of 1.3 billion people. Witness the beauty of a country with the largest democracy in the world, functioning with great integrity for the last 70 plus years.Observe the co-existence of multiple religions, Languages, culture in a single sub-continent called India. Enjoy the contrasts in every aspect of human life. And we welcome the tourists from the entire world with open arms to witness the emerging next superpower as the gap between poor and rich are narrowing, and the middle-class population is increasing rapidly. Thanks for your video. Enjoyed!

  4. i belong to varanasi..
    and i also saw ur ride i recognised the place.
    from there to train station it is 150.
    150 rupes is equal to 2 doller for 10 km .

    The rishsaw pular was asking a fair price.
    may be the hostel receptionist don't know the right price.
    or he must have told u about the shared price.
    and also rishsaw pular did a mistake by acception low price for the first time.

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