This Is Why We Go back and forth PHILIPPINES – Value For Foreigners ????????

New to The Philippines and Making plans to visit El Nido and Coron ? This video is for you if you wish to know the way a lot will it value. We stayed some time in probably the most …


33 thoughts on “This Is Why We Go back and forth PHILIPPINES – Value For Foreigners ????????”

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  2. Want to go there and make my home with a pinay girl. I discovered this jewel of the world after a depresion caused by an uncommited love 2 years ago. Everyday i fall in love with these costumes and peoples and a simple life . I live in a banking district and the life anf relationships here are fake and the stress is life consumming . Wish go there and have a life with a wife and live for real once in lifetime . My contract finish in 2028 :'(

  3. You are paying the tourist premium price dude. ie more than double what a filo would. Nice video though! Palawan used to be a leper colony, that's why its so pristine and untouched unlike Boracay

  4. Yes I totally agree there are beautiful Maganda women in the Philippines..very true..but interracial dating is frowned upon deeply here..but if you live like you do in America with car with family with nice home and private schools you may spend 100,000 peso or more a month ..condo and parking 2 bedroom is about 32,000 for a family about 12,000.. utilities with condo fee about 12,000 private school for 2.5 to 4 yr old about 30,000 quarterly..karate classes about 4,000 monthly school for 4th grade and up about 6000 including pick up and drop off..a tutor add about 6,000-7000 monthly..
    These are the real costs of living in metro Manila condo the province's it's totally different and much cheaper..but that's if you don't want to replicate a first world western lifestyle.This is the real costs maybe get on here and blah blah blah..but the reality is totally different.

  5. There's two travel experiences in the Philippines..the white experience and the black experience..the white experience is unnoticeable because you won't be stared at..the black one you will be stared at's nice to visit stay two weeks and leave..marrying a Filipina great no matter who you are..but again there's two different experiences..white guys have no problem here..none it's their paradise..blacks need to find a tropical country that's their paradise matter how much money you have its nice to visit but no more talking come for yourself..then make comment.

  6. Prices for you were doubled. Every time I did something with my mates there, they got charged double than what I got charged. That’s why they had me ask how much to get billed as soon as they caught on. Rides, accommodations, services even food haha ????

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