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Who says you’ll be able to’t go back and forth to Europe on the cheap? Welcome to MojoTravels, and nowadays we will be counting down our alternatives for the Best 10 Inexpensive Towns to Seek advice from …


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  1. Kiev is the cheapest major city in Europe by far …It is cheaper than Bangkok, Thailand (including nightlife ) and this is just to have an ideea how cheap it really is !!!…vodka and any other alcohool is dirt cheap and they do have very good quality vodka !!! I live in neighbouring Romania where living is cheap but Ukraine is at a whole new level at how cheap living can be . It is cheaper than SE Asia with better alcohool (ok the food is beter in Asia but still …).

  2. I had not seen this but having visited all these cities several times, I agree with your list. We just did the Adriatic (6 countries) and very impressed and not cold like several of your picks.

  3. Sorry but I can’t agree with Rome being cheap. It’s not cheap at all. The hotels were expensive and so were the taxis. People don’t just travel for cheap beer you know. The food in rome was expensive too. However I’m not saying not to go there lol. It’s really a beautiful and historical place and it’s worth visiting. Just saying. Carry more money with you 🙂

  4. If you are in Poland, if you are in Kraków – no, don't visit Łódź, it's probably the ugliest of Polish big cities. Choose Wrocław, Poznań, Toruń, Lublin instead, there are many good options. Łódź is not! Jeśli czyta to jakiś Łodzianin, to przepraszam cię 🙁

  5. Whilst not as expensive as London or Paris, Rome or Dubrovnik are far from being budget if you truly want to enjoy it. Even St Petersburg is more expensive than a lot of destinations in Europe.

  6. Just got back from Dubrovnik and Rome (and a few other places) and I don’t consider either to be cheap. Up to a year ago in Dubrovnik, total visitors from the US ranked ninth on the list of the number of visitors from other countries. It is now third and will be in second place shortly. More American visitors equals higher prices. I think Croatia overall is becoming more popular for Americans and the Game of Thrones has increased the number of visitors.

    I recommend Split over Dubrovnik. Far nicer people, way more things to do, easier to get to, and maybe a little less expensive. And Game of Thrones was also filmed in Split.

  7. Zaragoza, Spain, just about 200 km to the west of Barcelona, is a hidden gem in Spain. A huge city and offers lots to do especially with a lot of history and sites to see, it is very inexpensive and food is cheap

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