TOP 10 PHILIPPINES (Your DREAM Vacation spot)

I traveled the Philippines for four months and that is my best 10 listing. This will have to be your subsequent vacation spot and for that, I’ve a complete information. five Sizzling Tricks to Philippines …


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  1. I'm a Filipino, and in all honesty, tourism is one of the Philippines'
    Major Money makers. And yes, it is beautiful. But we.. Are one of the third-world countries. We are poor, and we hope more people can recognize us not only as a tourist spot. But as a country.

    I've seen the worst side of all countries. And I hope we all can work together to keep the beauty we still have on this earth.


  2. Im from the Philippines and I can attest to this guys experience… I live here in the US now and I have never seen any beach here that will compare… and our water in the Philippines are not cold.

  3. Greetings sir! I would like to kindly ask for your permission to use some scenes in your vlog for my AVP project. I will make sure of giving your channel the credit. Thank you and have a nice day!

  4. Thanks for the info! I see a lot of diving spots. Where are the best/highest places to dive off of in the Philippines?

    Went to el Nido this last March and going back in January to see el Nido again and cebu. Could go somewhere else if there’s nice diving spots!

  5. I am a little bit offended about your comment with Mindanao. As you said in your video, all places have it's bad places, you just need to know where you need to go. Our beaches are amazing, and it's actually way less warmer there.

    I hope no one gets put off going to Mindanao. Just search up places there, some places are amazing.

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