TRAVEL TIPS: Methods to Self Test-in with American Airways

We exhibit the best way to self take a look at in for a US home flight carting no further baggage however your carry-on, touring without a kids, and now not being a part of the …


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  1. Thank you for this video. Question: I booked a flight for AA thru Expedia. When I go to the “choose seat” section they all have additional cost. Will I have to pay this, or has my seat already been selected when I first booked?

  2. We’ve received this question:

    When flying basic economy, it comes with a carry on that can fit under the seat in front of you. But does that carry on come with the ticket, or do I have to pay 25 dollars for that carry on?
    If you can fit your carry-on under the seat in-front of you it means you can bring it onboard and stow this piece of luggage properly. Thus, you should not have to pay a baggage fee. Moreover, in the scenario that you bring luggage on-board and the flight runs out of overhead space, the airline should check-in your luggage free-of-charge and you will receive it at your final destination. However, we always recommend to call your airline before you travel if you have any questions or check their website.

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