Unfriendly skies: Dad, infant kicked off of flight, and different contemporary airline problems

A father and his 2-year-old daughter had been just lately got rid of from a Southwest Airways flight, and one girl’s canine died after being positioned in an overhead bin …


41 thoughts on “Unfriendly skies: Dad, infant kicked off of flight, and different contemporary airline problems”

  1. I will recommend to any body to "never" take a fly with United and Southwest Aeroline or any Aeroline that treat their customers like garbage that is a red flag right there, to tell you to find another airline no matter if it will cost a little bit more, the respect and treatment in these airlines are horrible no excuse.

  2. I am personally going to avoid United at all costs. I’ve seen too many videos involving that airline. I’d rather pay more money and be treated like a paying customer than an inconvenience.

  3. gosh people are so afraid to beat their children now days . i got my ass beat down for acting like that and i’m a very responsible well behaved adult. just frustrates me

  4. I'm sorry but flights being more packed and crowded and yes more irritating for flight attendants and law enforcement does not give them the right to treat people like this I'm 14 and i know this come on people.

  5. The dog got killed because of the flight attendant even though the little girl told the boy/girl that it was a dog and you’re making up excuses? How do you not understand it’s a dog and not a bag? Fuck man people either need help or somethin

  6. Why are they backing up for the stupid flight attendant. How can you not know that there is a living creature in that bag when a literal person is repeatedly telling you that. Honestly I truly feel bad for the girl and that flight attendant deserves to get sued or something.

  7. These airlines need to be sued when something like this happens. Kick people of because of an autistic kid, lawsuit. Start hitting airlines where it hurts. Keep hitting them into submission.

  8. If the little girl said she told the flight attendant there was a dog in the bag, then she told the flight attendant! I hate when people think little kids always lying and automatically believe adults. Look how that little girl was crying, ain’t no way in hell she didn’t speak up for her dog that day.

  9. “The skies aren’t as friendly as they used to be “SIMPLY” because they are more CROWDED and there’s a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF PRESSURE for the flights to arrive on time”

    Woahhhhh, all those things said point out such company faults. You’re an airline service. If you had an operating marketing team then your company can see the projection of business in the next some years. This way everyone in the company is prepared properly and bases are covered appropriately and humanely.

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