United Airlines flights mechanic charged 2020 Today

United Airlines flights mechanic has been arrested and charged with sabotaging an airplane after he allegedly obstructed a airplane’s navigation machine, prompting …


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20 thoughts on “United Airlines flights mechanic charged 2020 Today”

  1. If that mechanic is that bad, i do not believe his story. If he wanted to take home overtime pay he could have worked slower and or claimed that he had to do more repairs than the aircraft needed. I doubt words like that would kill people on an aircraft. I can see that killing was his target.

  2. The funny part is they want to start calling it a terrorist attack is hilarious because if it would’ve been a white guy you guys would not be calling it a terrorist attack or even anywhere near that!
    If you ask me white people have been causing terror since the land before time!!!

  3. How many planes have crashed because of blockages in the speed orifice tube. No mechanic that understands the system would do this. These is a critical sensor of the system.

  4. It would appear that President Trump was born 50 years late because he would have been president a long time ago and we would have had immigration situation that didn't allow people like these people into the country.THIS IS WHAT political correctness get you. You can't you've got to hire this guy or else his discrimination and racism f*** that. Japan doesn't allow that kind of immigration and that's why you don't see that s*** going on there.

  5. Trump is behind this. He is the reason for all evil. If you don't believe me. Just ask CNN/ABC/NBC/HLN/NYT/WASHINGTON POST/. ASK MAXINE WATERS/ MR CUMMINS/ JERRY NADLER/ THE WOLF PACK/THE SQUAD/. TRUMP IS BEHIND ALL EVIL

  6. There is only one appropriated response. Death penalty, and them deport his body, with the rest of his family.
    We don't want his body being laid on American Soil.

  7. Is this how Abdul thank the United States by allowing him to become a U.S. citizen in 1992? His rights should be revoked and he should be deported back to Iraq! As an AMERICAN citizen, I am appalled!

  8. Boeing should join in on suing that mechanic. Had that guy not been caught, another crash could've happened, and since the sabatoged plane was a Boeing 737, Boeing would've been in the spotlight again, all because of an airline mechanic

  9. Abdul Maheed Maruuf Ahmed Alani and let me get this right, he is a Christian Buddhist?
    If the jet went down he would shout BuddaChrista Hu Akbar?
    The Jet did not crash so he says he was trying to get overtime.
    Islam does not take credit for failures, it would make Allah look incompetent.

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