UNITED vs AMERICAN vs DELTA Financial system Magnificence | Which Airline Is Perfect?! | Financial system Week

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47 thoughts on “UNITED vs AMERICAN vs DELTA Financial system Magnificence | Which Airline Is Perfect?! | Financial system Week”

  1. “Anti ME3 propaganda”? Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad aren’t concerned about the cost of operating, because they get an allowance from Mom and Dad. Are you not interested in protecting hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs?

  2. At the beginning of the video there is a picture of a seat row with arm rests up. Can yo tell us what airline that is on long haul flights? My husband and I prefer to leave our arm rests up and it will be helpful when our baby arrives next month (especially in bulk head seating).

  3. Don’t like any US airlines. If I have to, I’ll book Business to at least ‘fit’ in the seat. I’m only 160cm but need to be 10cm wide to squeeze in the seats. Also, passengers are noisy. Can’t wait to reach my destination rather than enjoying the flight experience. Thx Dan once again for your believable, practical and clear review.

  4. ive been on a plane once in 2016 i was too scared before.. but my flight looked nothing like this with delta from midway either i got put on an older style plane or things have really updated in 2 years this is insane looks so much nicer

  5. I'm planning a trip to the US soon. That's why I'm here. Still looking for the most customer friendly airlines. Of all the vlogs I've watched, Delta seems to be the best and the most professional in terms of customer service in the US.

  6. Delta has wider long-haul seats. On the 777 & 787, they have 1 less seat each row, so they have more seat-width.

    Also Delta has free alcoholic beverages in their economy Comfort-plus second. Also Delta has consistently the fewest cancelled flights.

  7. Going on my first ever plane ride at 20 years old. Where flying with delta . I am "morbidly obese" so.. not looking forward to see if i can fit in the seat.. also terrfied of heights. Glad im taking xanax b4 my flight so im chill n hope i sleep the whole time. I have some time to lose weight before i go to vegas in November. But im flying with SPIRIT. glad ill have xanax for that flight too

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