What Can $10 Get in SUDAN? (Price range Shuttle)

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41 thoughts on “What Can $10 Get in SUDAN? (Price range Shuttle)”

  1. Your $10 videos are quite obscene.
    It shows how USA and all other western countries or the so-called 'Developed' countried have essentially raped the economies of poor and 'undeveloped' countries by reducing the value of their currencies. Result: The Western world lives Luxuriously while Africa and latin America and Indian subcontinent lives in miserable poverty and destitution.

    If that's not obscene then what is?

  2. Another easy currency, makes it so much nicer to watch. £10 gets you 1000 Sudanese Pounds.
    So one pound gets you 100 Sudanese Pound.

    That's so perfect because a penny equals one Sudanese pound.

  3. what's funny is that he questions if the Sudanese would give him a "fair" price, but is he giving them a "fair" price in return for their goods is the question, could even call it exploitation. No hate just something to ponder…

  4. I've been here for 9 months and I fucking hate it. Don't ever come to this shit hole. If u do, ur wasting ur time and money. It's a horrible country just try staying for 3wks it will start to decay on u

  5. 1:53 ofcourse it's hot your in Africa do you think it's like Europe here I live here and even being in the best schools of Sudan the bus doesn't have an air condition not only in our bus all the buses so imagine this hottnes while staying 1 hour and half in the bus

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