'You're harassing her': Co-passenger yells at American Airways team as they kick style off flight

Instagram style Jen Selter used to be kicked off a New York-bound American Airways aircraft after a confrontation with aircraft personnel on Saturday night time, January 27.


46 thoughts on “'You're harassing her': Co-passenger yells at American Airways team as they kick style off flight”

  1. We should boycott american airlines and any company or business that operates this way. Our purchase is Our only real vote, it's the one that really counts.
    Love n Blessings Family!!!

  2. What I understand is the sister of the model and another passenger went to the bathroom 0:58 at the same time 0:20 (for unknown reasons) and the model (Jen Selter) was standing "to put her jacket up" (probably because she was cold for waiting in the plane since 2 hours) 0:12 but that happened when the crew doing their prepared checks 0:07.

    Why did they need 2 hours for their prepared checks? Or she standing up when they were about to take off? In this case it is understandable but it's still exaggerated to kick her off for put her jacket up.

    And another question is why there was 2 persons at the same time in the bathroom?

  3. The Airline was clearly wrong here. They are stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours and the woman stands up because the other two passengers are in the bathroom and they come yelling at her?! The nerve of American Airlines, they should be apologizing about the horrendous delay, not aggressively chastising a passenger for standing up. AND they throw her off the plane? Makes me want to not fly them ever again. There are other choices out there.

  4. Next Time instagram model should choose flight with me. I'm a professional flight simulator pilot.
    And beter be kind and patient for my crew or i Will call my professional special forces friends from call of duty black OPS.

  5. Model my ass! Instagram model just means she is one of Don Ho's daughters Skanky Ho, Nasty Ho, or Dumbass Ho that post almost naked pictures on Instagram and tell all the lonely desperate guys to go to their patreon and pay them hundreds of dollars to get a nip slip photo of their titties.

  6. Why can plane crew just do whatever the fuck they want. Cant they get sued or held responsible for their actions? They shouldnt be allowed to kick people of the plane for stupid shit like this.

  7. One thing Ive learned from all these videos is that once your asked to leave a flight there is no going back. Ive never seen a story where the passenger talked their way into staying on board. never ever. So cut your losses and go. Dignity And Grace is all you have now.

  8. That’s strange the video does not show any American Airlines employee shouting or harassing the passenger , so maybe you need to pull your heads out of your asses and stop being pussies

  9. On an aircraft, the flight crew are supposed to be in positions of authority, and this is ultimately to ensure everyone's safety. I think people don't realize that when they become nasty, sarcastic, and disrespectful to the crew, the wheels are already starting to turn in the flight attendant's head about whether this person is going to comply or continue to insist on doing whatever he she wants to do. You just can't have that if you want order and safety.

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